How Furniture Stores Trick Us Into Buying Mattresses

If you have ever been to a furniture store, and you are looking for a mattress, you may have suddenly found yourself purchasing one. You may have only been looking, but you are suddenly getting the mattress, something that you did not intend on getting when you first walked in.

You may even discover that you are purchasing an entire bedroom set to go along with the mattress, and they are offering you special pricing and financing. There are certain tricks that furniture stores will use to convince you that you ought to get a new mattress, or any type of furniture that they are selling, using strategies that have been used for decades.

Do Furniture Stores Really Need To Trick Us?

Before discussing the many tricks that salespeople will use when you go to a furniture store, you need to understand the answer to this fundamental question. It is true that all salespeople have tricks that they use and they must use them for one single purpose. No individual that comes into a store wants to buy an item. They actually want to be sold the item, or at least convince, that this remote intention that they may have is justifiable.

For example, you might just be looking because you really don’t have the money to purchase the furniture they are selling. This is a pre-assumption that every salesperson is going to make. Therefore, they know that they are going to have to offer you exceptional financing deals, but to get you to that point, they need to use tricks that will get you into a frame of mind where you are open to the possibility of buying. It’s best to do your own research, for example, if you want a Purple bed it’s best to read the review and try it out the Purple mattress and apply the coupon on the website. That is if you are interested in getting a mattress like the Purple.

Common Tricks That Furniture Stores Use On Potential Buyers

Some of the most common tricks that are used include a salesperson asking you about the main reason you are there. Once they understand that, they can then offer different items that you may not have been thinking about, and then asking about how you feel about the furniture that you have at your home.

If they have any response that indicates that you are not satisfied, they will then present items that are currently offered at a special discount. They will then present ways that you can get this furniture, through special financing, making your payment as low as possible. By getting into your mind, and tapping into your emotions, they can often convince people to make purchases that they did not want actually to make.

More Subtle Tricks That They Will Use

One of the more subtle tricks that they will use is not only mentioning special deals, but also telling you that what they are referencing is limited in stock, and that the sale is about to end.

They may even say that they are flying out of their store, and at the rapid pace that they are selling, you are unlikely to have any left if you decide to come back later. By using scarcity as their main subtle tactic, they can tap into that feeling that we all have not wanted to lose out when presented with a special offer that may not be available later.

Other Tricks That They May Use

Two other strategies that salespeople will use is to allow you to try out the furniture. Once you have sat in a chair, on a sofa, or if you lie down on one of the mattresses, this is going to imprint on your body and mind how wonderful they are. The other trick they will use is to ask you to consider how wonderful these will look in your home.

Even though they have not been there, by simply suggesting how beautiful the items are, and how people would definitely comment on how beautiful this furniture is, this might motivate you to consider making the purchase.

Salespeople all understand that people make a purchase almost solely based upon a motion. If they can cater to that emotion within us all, they can use this against us, causing us to make decisions that we would otherwise not willingly make. By bypassing are rational mind, and making us feel connected to the items they are selling, they can often make a sale very easily. You need to be leery of these tricks that competent salespeople will often use, otherwise you could be leaving a store with a large amount of furniture that you probably don’t even need.


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