4 Tips Of Waking Up In The Morning Energetic

Let’s face it: most of us don’t like it when our morning alarm goes off, and it’s time to get out of bed. Research indicates that over 50% of Americans snooze their alarms every morning. For most people, bad sleeping habits cause fatigue and tiredness which in turn lead to less energy when it’s time to wake up.

Sleep doctors recommend that individuals avoid some foods and activities before going to bed to prevent sleeping disorders such as insomnia. These disorders also play a part in the way individuals wake up in the morning. For instance, people with insomnia mostly wake up in the morning feeling tired due to fewer hours of quality sleep.

Here are four tips which when followed will guarantee you more energy when waking up in the morning:

  1. Prepare to sleep the right way

It is essential that you take into consideration the activities that you do before you sleep. Here are some of the dos and doesn’t when it comes to bedtime:

  1. i) Avoid Foods And Drinks With Stimulants

Doctors discourage people from drinking coffee or any caffeinated soft drinks before bedtime. Sleep doctors often advise that caffeinated beverages and alcohol are not suitable for consumption after lunchtime since they tend to keep people awake. Peppered foods are also known to stimulate the body and can easily lead to the loss of sleep at night.

  1. ii) Keep Your Bedroom Cool, Dark, And Quiet

Sleep doctors say that a drop off in the temperature is a natural invitation for the body to fall asleep. Keeping the temperatures of your bedroom cool is therefore essential to the process of sleeping. A quiet room is also critical to restful sleep. As such, it is essential to drop down the curtains, turn off the electronics in the room, especially music systems, and finally turn the lights off.

iii) Avoid Vigorous Exercises Before Bedtime

These will only stimulate the body as they tend to increase the heartbeat and ultimately faster flow of blood which may lead to loss of sleep.

  1. Create A Consistent Sleeping And Waking Routine

It is essential to train your body by being consistent with the time you sleep and wake up. Doctors say that the circadian rhythm needs consistency for it to work correctly. It is also important to remember that not everybody needs eight hours of sleep to achieve optimal rest. A consistent sleeping and waking routine will ensure healthy sleep which replenishes your energy.

  1. Yoga Breathing

Research has confirmed that yoga breathing is essential for the mental and physical energy of a person. Before going to sleep, it is recommended that you do up to ten rounds of yoga breathing where you fill your lungs with air and breathe out slowly while lying on the bed. This routine is proven to energize the body all the way to till morning.

  1. Drink Water In The Morning

Hydrating the body after you wake up is crucial to replenishing energy. As you exhale throughout the night, a lot of water is lost, and the body gets dehydrated. It is therefore essential to replenish the water supply to keep the body energetic.

Quality sleep is the key to waking up energetic. It is therefore important to avoid activities, food, and drinks that can disrupt the sleeping cycle. Light exercises and eating less stimulating food are some of the best ways to ensure that you wake energetic.


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