How Furniture Stores Trick Us Into Buying Mattresses

If you have ever been to a furniture store, and you are looking for a mattress, you may have suddenly found yourself purchasing one. You may have only been looking, but you are suddenly getting the mattress, something that you did not intend on getting when you first walked in.

You may even discover that you are purchasing an entire bedroom set to go along with the mattress, and they are offering you special pricing and financing. There are certain tricks that furniture stores will use to convince you that you ought to get a new mattress, or any type of furniture that they are selling, using strategies that have been used for decades.

Do Furniture Stores Really Need To Trick Us?

Before discussing the many tricks that salespeople will use when you go to a furniture store, you need to understand the answer to this fundamental question. It is true that all salespeople have tricks that they use and they must use them for one single purpose. No individual that comes into a store wants to buy an item. They actually want to be sold the item, or at least convince, that this remote intention that they may have is justifiable.

For example, you might just be looking because you really don’t have the money to purchase the furniture they are selling. This is a pre-assumption that every salesperson is going to make. Therefore, they know that they are going to have to offer you exceptional financing deals, but to get you to that point, they need to use tricks that will get you into a frame of mind where you are open to the possibility of buying. It’s best to do your own research, for example, if you want a Purple bed it’s best to read the review and try it out the Purple mattress and apply the coupon on the website. That is if you are interested in getting a mattress like the Purple.

Common Tricks That Furniture Stores Use On Potential Buyers

Some of the most common tricks that are used include a salesperson asking you about the main reason you are there. Once they understand that, they can then offer different items that you may not have been thinking about, and then asking about how you feel about the furniture that you have at your home.

If they have any response that indicates that you are not satisfied, they will then present items that are currently offered at a special discount. They will then present ways that you can get this furniture, through special financing, making your payment as low as possible. By getting into your mind, and tapping into your emotions, they can often convince people to make purchases that they did not want actually to make.

More Subtle Tricks That They Will Use

One of the more subtle tricks that they will use is not only mentioning special deals, but also telling you that what they are referencing is limited in stock, and that the sale is about to end.

They may even say that they are flying out of their store, and at the rapid pace that they are selling, you are unlikely to have any left if you decide to come back later. By using scarcity as their main subtle tactic, they can tap into that feeling that we all have not wanted to lose out when presented with a special offer that may not be available later.

Other Tricks That They May Use

Two other strategies that salespeople will use is to allow you to try out the furniture. Once you have sat in a chair, on a sofa, or if you lie down on one of the mattresses, this is going to imprint on your body and mind how wonderful they are. The other trick they will use is to ask you to consider how wonderful these will look in your home.

Even though they have not been there, by simply suggesting how beautiful the items are, and how people would definitely comment on how beautiful this furniture is, this might motivate you to consider making the purchase.

Salespeople all understand that people make a purchase almost solely based upon a motion. If they can cater to that emotion within us all, they can use this against us, causing us to make decisions that we would otherwise not willingly make. By bypassing are rational mind, and making us feel connected to the items they are selling, they can often make a sale very easily. You need to be leery of these tricks that competent salespeople will often use, otherwise you could be leaving a store with a large amount of furniture that you probably don’t even need.

4 Tips Of Waking Up In The Morning Energetic

Let’s face it: most of us don’t like it when our morning alarm goes off, and it’s time to get out of bed. Research indicates that over 50% of Americans snooze their alarms every morning. For most people, bad sleeping habits cause fatigue and tiredness which in turn lead to less energy when it’s time to wake up.

Sleep doctors recommend that individuals avoid some foods and activities before going to bed to prevent sleeping disorders such as insomnia. These disorders also play a part in the way individuals wake up in the morning. For instance, people with insomnia mostly wake up in the morning feeling tired due to fewer hours of quality sleep.

Here are four tips which when followed will guarantee you more energy when waking up in the morning:

1. Prepare to sleep the right way

It is essential that you take into consideration the activities that you do before you sleep. Here are some of the dos and doesn’t when it comes to bedtime:

i) Avoid Foods And Drinks With Stimulants

Doctors discourage people from drinking coffee or any caffeinated soft drinks before bedtime. Sleep doctors often advise that caffeinated beverages and alcohol are not suitable for consumption after lunchtime since they tend to keep people awake. Peppered foods are also known to stimulate the body and can easily lead to the loss of sleep at night.

ii) Keep Your Bedroom Cool, Dark, And Quiet

Sleep doctors say that a drop off in the temperature is a natural invitation for the body to fall asleep. Keeping the temperatures of your bedroom cool is therefore essential to the process of sleeping. A quiet room is also critical to restful sleep. As such, it is essential to drop down the curtains, turn off the electronics in the room, especially music systems, and finally turn the lights off.

iii) Avoid Vigorous Exercises Before Bedtime

These will only stimulate the body as they tend to increase the heartbeat and ultimately faster flow of blood which may lead to loss of sleep.

2. Create A Consistent Sleeping And Waking Routine

It is essential to train your body by being consistent with the time you sleep and wake up. Doctors say that the circadian rhythm needs consistency for it to work correctly. It is also important to remember that not everybody needs eight hours of sleep to achieve optimal rest. A consistent sleeping and waking routine will ensure healthy sleep which replenishes your energy.

3. Yoga Breathing

Research has confirmed that yoga breathing is essential for the mental and physical energy of a person. Before going to sleep, it is recommended that you do up to ten rounds of yoga breathing where you fill your lungs with air and breathe out slowly while lying on the bed. This routine is proven to energize the body all the way to till morning.

4. Drink Water In The Morning

Hydrating the body after you wake up is crucial to replenishing energy. As you exhale throughout the night, a lot of water is lost, and the body gets dehydrated. It is therefore essential to replenish the water supply to keep the body energetic.

Quality sleep is the key to waking up energetic. It is therefore important to avoid activities, food, and drinks that can disrupt the sleeping cycle. Light exercises and eating less stimulating food are some of the best ways to ensure that you wake energetic.

Does A Memory Foam Mattress Help To Improve Your Sleep?

Not much else can compare to a great night’s sleep. This is even more true for people that struggle to get enough sleep. If you have ever heard about the memory foam mattresses, you may be wondering if this type of mattress can improve your sleep quality. Some people are swearing by it, while others are a bit less enthusiast. Here is more information to help you decide if a memory foam mattress will help you to sleep better.

What Is Memory Foam?

Designed originally in the mid-60s for the NASA airplane seats, the material known as memory foam consists of a substance that is known as viscoelastic. It is soft and highly energy-absorbent.

Memory foam is also a substance that molds to your body in a response to pressure and heat, which helps to distribute your body weight more evenly. Once the pressure is removed, it returns to an original form or shape.

Tips On How To Choose A Memory Foam Mattress For Your Sleep Position

Memory foam mattresses have increased in popularity for a number of reasons. The more important reasons are how memory foam is able to contour in a precise manner to your body curves. This contouring ability is what makes it a comfortable option for relieving pressure, enhancing sleep and suitable for every sleep position type.

Another important reason why memory foam mattresses are so popular is that it reduces motion transfer, which is great for when you sleep with a partner. However, with these benefits, it is important to know that not every memory foam mattress is alike. For this reason, you need to find a mattress that matches up to your sleep position.

For Side Sleepers

Around 70% of people are side sleepers. Sleeping on your side places pressure on the neck, shoulders, and hips. A mattress that is too firm can restrict circulation or result in tingling or numbness, which is the reason why side sleepers should be sleeping on a mattress that allows for a bit of sinking in. This also provides a bit of cushioning for joints that are sensitive.

The right type of memory-foam mattress for a side sleeper should not be too soft or too firm. It should be somewhere between firm and soft which will keep the spine in natural alignment to stop you from waking up with pains or aches. Look for mattresses that come with an added reinforcement around the lumbar regions, as this will support the body in the heaviest place across the belly and the hips.

For Back Sleepers

Around 10% to 20% of people fall into the back sleeper category. This is considered the best position to sleep in as the body remains in a relaxed and natural posture.

When it comes to choosing a memory foam mattress that can improve your sleep when you sleep on your back, it is better to avoid anything too firm or too soft. If the mattress is too soft, it is not providing sufficient support and will make you sink too far into your bed.

On the other hand, a mattress that is overly firm, is also bad, especially for women. For any type of back sleeper, weight is an important consideration. If you are on the lower side which falls below 130 pounds, choose a softer mattress. If you are heavier than 130 pounds, then the firmer mattresses are a better option.

For Stomach Sleepers

This is sleep style that is least common with only about 7% of the population that sleeps in this position. Sleeping on your stomach is associated with the largest challenges when it comes to spinal health. Most people carry their weight across the area of the midsection, and sleeping on the stomach often makes it very difficult to remain comfortable as the weight causes the spine to move out of natural alignment.

When it comes to stomach sleepers, it is important to know that memory foam is designed to contour to the natural shape of the body. This is not the best choice for a stomach sleeper, especially for people who are heavier. With this in mind, if you still want to try out a memory foam mattress, choose a medium-to-firmer mattress that will help to support your body.

How Do Mattress Stores Make Money When Most People Only Buy A New Mattress Every 10 Years?

When you really stop to think about it, it seems strange that mattress stores can make money. After all, most people only replace their mattress about once every decade. Since people buy new mattresses so rarely, it seems like it would be hard for these businesses to turn a profit.

As it turns out, however, most mattress stores do fairly well despite these hurdles. For mattress stores, making money is possible thanks to several contributing factors.

First, nearly everybody sleeps on a mattress. From young children all the way up to elderly people, practically everybody lays down on a mattress when they go to bed at night. That means that the potential customer base for mattress stores is huge. Even if people wait a long time before replacing their mattress, there are enough customers out there to keep these businesses going.

Mattress stores also don’t need to carry a lot of inventory. Typically, they are set up with a display area where they have all of their available models set up so that people can try them out.

When someone decides to order a mattress, the mattress store typically reaches out to the manufacturer or to a local distributor and has the mattress shipped to the customer. This keeps inventory costs for these businesses quite low, making it easier for them to stay profitable.

Oftentimes, mattress stores set up shop in somewhat out-of-the-way retail areas where rent is a little bit lower. They don’t need to be right in the heart of the action like a lot of other retailers. Instead, they can choose an out-of-the-way strip mall or other location that is a little bit off the beaten path. After all, they aren’t trying to capture foot traffic. Instead, they count on the fact that most people will look up mattress stores in their area and go wherever they are.

Another reason why mattress stores are able to generate money is because of the relatively large profit margin offered by mattresses. Large pieces of furniture like mattresses usually have fairly high markup percentages. For instance, if a mattress costs $400 to manufacture, the retailer may be able to sell it for $800 or more. That means that for every sale they make, they earn quite a bit of money. Since the profit margin is high, they don’t have to make a ton of sales each month to still earn a decent amount of money with their business.

A lot of times, people wonder how mattress stores can possibly make money since customers don’t replace their mattresses very often. Even though buying a mattress is a fairly rare event, it is something that everybody needs to do at one point or another. That is one of the reasons why these stores are able to make sales. As an added bonus, they don’t need to carry a lot of inventory, they can usually rent retail space in areas where it is less expensive, and most mattresses have quite a bit of profit built into the retail price.